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Our java barcode reader library also supports to use in multi-page TIFF generating barcode images for java, and support multi-barcode in one image. On the other hand, our java barcode reader can generating barcode images for java in different types of environment, like in GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF files and Java AWT image objects.

The key features of this Java Barcode reader control supports Java Code-39 Generator, Extended Code 39, Java Code-128 Generator, Java QR-Code Generator, Java Data Matrix Generator, Java PDF-417 Generator, Java UCC/EAN128/GS1-128 Generator, Java Interleaved 2 of 5 Generator, Java UPC-A Generator, Java UPC-E Generator, Java EAN-8 Generator, Java EAN-13 Generator, ISBN, +2, +5, ISSN, +2, +5, PDF 417. Download our java barcode reader; you can enjoy 30 days free premier service support.

This java barcode reader can embed barcode recognition features in java server side environment, for JSP servlet J2EE and web service. This powerful java barcode reader can generate java images in Java server side environment and java application. Like JSP, J2EE, Web service, Servlet, Swing, Java bean, J2SE and Applet.

Our java barcode reader got a lot of factors, developers can download this java barcode reader to generate barcode images with high speed, to generate high quality barcode and barcode image size, image color.